Here you will find important information about your booth, display area and perks related to vending at the Chilliwack Christmas Craft Market.

Market Location: Chilliwack Heritage Park – 44140 Luckakuck Way, Chilliwack BC – Hwy 1 at Lickman Rd. (Exit 116) on the south side of Hwy 1.

2019 Market Dates/ Times:
Friday, November 20 | 12pm – 8pm
Saturday, November 21 | 10am – 6pm
Sunday, November 22 | 10am – 4pm
*Please be advised that under no circumstance is it acceptable for an artisan to pack up and leave the market prior to the closing day and time. Such an action will result in disqualification from future markets.

Set-up: Thursday, November 19 | 3:00pm – 8:00pm & Friday, November 20 | 9:00am – 11:30am
Strike: Sunday, November 22 | 4:00pm – 6:00pm



Booth Size: Single = 10’ frontage (wide) x 8’ deep | Double = 20′ frontage (wide) x 8′ deep
* You are not permitted to extend displays beyond these perimeters.

Black curtained back walls and side wings on aluminum runners are pre-set, and are all that separates you from the booth behind you in the next aisle, so be careful when considering your booth’s layout.

You are not permitted to pin or hang items from the curtain material. S-hooks are provided to hang lightweight rods or signs from the runners. If signs are more substantially constructed (e.g., wood), or you wish to hang product, you will have to supply suitable and secure display stands (e.g., lattice or shelving).

· All tables must be covered and skirted, including sides (floor length).

· Booth numbers are affixed to your booth and must be displayed in a visible location at all times. This allows market volunteers, and CCAC, Heritage Park, and Show In Motion staff to identify your booth.

· Lights are turned towards each booth to provide general market lighting, and some illumination for your booth. Corner booths will only have one light.

· YOU are responsible for adequately lighting your booth.

· Outlets are for lighting only UNLESS PREVIOUSLY APPROVED BY STAFF.

· PLEASE BRING EXTENSION CORDS. We cannot supply these to you.

Chairs/ tables: Tables are available by request only (not included in standard booth set-ups). Please request additional tables in advance. Our tables are 2’ 6” wide by 8’ long and cost $15 each (pre-purchased) for the whole weekend. Additional tables requested day of cost $25 each. Availability of extra tables at set-up is not guaranteed. Chairs will be provided free of charge.

Payment & Cancellation policy:

  • Artisan will pay all invoices for booth fees upon acceptance; due no later than two weeks after receipt of CCAC issued invoice(s). Full payment is required to reserve booth space.
  • After acceptance into the market, artisan agrees to the following refund and cancellation policy:
    • The reason for cancellation must be provided in writing, by email.
    • For cancellations received prior to September 20th, a $50 admin fee will be deducted from the total refund amount owed to artisan.
    • After September 20th, a partial, 50% refund will be issued on total amount owed to artisan.
    • After October 1st, NO refunds, regardless of reason, will be issued. Refunds will NOT be offered to ‘no shows’; no exceptions.
    • The Chilliwack Community Arts Council and Market Coordinators reserve the right to refuse entry/booth space to any artisan who has not paid his or her invoice in full, does not communicate in a timely manner, or has not provided required health or liquor certifications.

Booth Allocation (booth number): Booth numbers are sent out in early November to accepted artisans. Booths are allocated based on category as we try our best to ensure vendors with similar products are not near one another. Special requests may be listed on your application, but we cannot make any guarantees. We will not change the allocation once it is complete.

Tips for Artisans:

Wear Layers. Heritage Park is essentially a large barn. Although there are top heaters, some areas can be drafty; others quite warm. It can get quite warm or cool inside depending on the weather outside and where you are located in the building. As such, it would be wise to wear layered clothing.

Food: Food, such as burgers, fries and hotdogs, as well as coffee and other hot beverages, will be sold on site at Heritage Hut and Cheyenne Coffee. It would be wise to pack yourself some healthy snacks to munch on too.

Accommodation: There are a number of hotels in the area, but the closest options include: The Best Western SureStay, Hampton Inn by Hilton, The Comfort Inn, and The Travelodge. RV spots (dry and electric) are also available through Heritage Park.

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