Did you know that we offer custom art parties?
You choose the medium and theme and we will work with our instructors to offer you a one-of-a-kind party experience!

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.):

How soon in advance should I book the Art Room?
At least one month in advance is required of any chosen party date.

What am I paying for?
Rental of the space and one hour of instruction as well as any arts materials. Price may vary depending on the project.

Are the instructors staff?
No, our instructors are contracted for each booking. Parties are determined based on our instructors’ availability.

How busy is the space in the summer (June, July, August)?
VERY. During the summer we hold multiple community events and programs for kids of all ages. Availability for rental in this time is rare.

As a renter, what are we responsible for?
Food, decorations (including birthday candles), birthday presents, beverages. Staff and instructors are not responsible for watching children, please have an adult present at all times.

Ages 3-6 years:

  • 1 hour art project (mixed media/craft) and Play Doh table ; 1 hour party time:  Rate (max. 10 kids) $125
  • Additional time: $25/ half hour or $40/ hour

Ages 7-12 years:

  • 1-hour art instruction (pencils or markers); 1 hour party time: Base Rate (10 kids) $125
  • 1.5-hour art instruction: (acrylic paint, mixed media), 1 hour party time: Base rate (10 kids) $150
  • Additional kids: (max. 15 for any age group) $10 per person
  • Additional party time: $25/ half hour. $40/ hour
    Other parties are available that use different material but costs will reflect supply costs.


  • 2 hour art instruction (acrylic paint, mixed media): Base rate (10 people) $150
  • Additional people: (max 15) $10 per person
  • Additional party time: $25/ half hour. $40/ hour

Private Corks & Canvas:

For adults only, we offer private Corks & Canvas instruction at the Chilliwack Community Arts Council! In-keeping with liquor laws the renter will be responsible for the following:

  • Liquor License
  • Wine
  • Serving it Right certification

The Arts Council will provide:

  • 2 hours of art instruction
  • Wine glasses
  • Art supplies

Please contact us for pricing and availability.

Hurray! Ever After Princess Party Events and The Chilliwack Community Arts Council are teaming up to give you the best party possible!
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Party dates and times are subject to availability. We offer a wide range of classes and events, so it is best if you have some flexibility in your date/ time choices. Plan ahead as spaces fill fast!

For more information or to discuss a party booking, please email us at office@chilliwackartscouncil.com