• Who can apply to the Chilliwack Christmas Craft Market?
    Any artisan who produces handmade goods to sell can apply to our market. All items to be sold must be handmade by the applicant. Absolutely no kit crafts, items purchased and assembled, imported crafts, or items crafted by someone other than the applicant will be accepted. No exceptions.


  • How do I apply?
    You must complete the application package in full and submit all appropriate images/product. An incomplete form can result in you not being accepted. Booth, membership, and any additional table fees are due upon acceptance into the Market, after receipt of your fee invoice (via email).
  • *Please note: if you sell food products you must also include information required by provincial health authorities based on “low risk” or “high risk” products being sold at temporary food markets, and sampling procedures. Full information is available through the Fraser Health Authority. Click here to find application forms or here to download Fraser Health’s Guidelines. 
  • *Alcohol vendors need to have their Serving It Right and manufacturing forms available for inspection if needed. Bath & Body vendors should ensure they have their Health Canada CNF forms available upon request.


  • How much does a booth cost?
    The price is variable depending on what you require. Please refer to the application form.


  • What is the jury process?
    We use a private jury of experienced artisans who will be evaluating the quality and originality of your product, as well as presentation. All items to be sold must go through adjudication and the jury reserves the right to accept and decline items of their choosing.


  • How many items should I bring in to be juried?
    We will only accept one sample, per product category. Applicants are asked to supply 5-10 photos to highlight your products. List additional items on your application form. Note: If your items are of differing categories you may bring in a sample for each category. (e.g., fudge and pottery).


  • Where do I drop my application package off to be juried?
    Application packages must be well labeled and dropped off/mailed to the Chilliwack Community Arts Council’s office: #20 – 5725 Vedder Rd., Chilliwack, BC V2R 3N4. Artisans are responsible for delivery and pick up of their application packages, or you can provide prepaid postage or courier waybill for return of mailed packages. The jury’s decision is sent by email; please ensure ccm@chilliwackartscouncil.com is on your email account’s safe list (and check those “Junk” folders!). No printed letters will be sent through regular mail.


  • Can I speak with the jury?
    No. The jury is private and their names will not be released to the public under any circumstance. *Please note: The Chilliwack Christmas Craft Market coordinators and Chilliwack Community Arts Council staff are not on the jury and have no impact on whether you are accepted or not.


  • I was in the Market last year. Do I have to be juried again?
    Yes. Every year you must prove your product’s quality is still up to par.


  • When is the deadline to apply?

2018 deadlines:

  • Selection 1: made from applications received by March 2, 2018. Artisans must pick up their entries in the week of March 19, 2018
  • Selection 2: made from applications received by June 1, 2018. Artisans must pick up their entries in the week of June 18, 2018
  • Selection 3: made from applications received by August 17, 2018. Artisans must pick up their entries in the week of September 3, 2018.

Note: If booths are full after jury selection #1, no further applicants will be accepted.
Waitlist: You may apply for our waitlist at anytime. We encourage those who are not accepted to remain on our waitlist in the event that a fellow artisan in your category should cancel.
Important: All submissions must be picked up by October 1, 2018 or they will become the property of the Chilliwack Community Arts Council. If it is impossible for you to pick up your items by this date, you must request to make alternate arrangements by calling us before the deadline.


  • How do I find out if I was accepted or not?
    The jury’s decision is returned by email. It is the responsibility of the applicant to pick up their submission. No printed letters will be sent through regular mail. All decisions of the jury are final.


  • I missed the deadlines! Can I still apply?
    Yes. You may apply for waitlist in the event that another artisan cancels. There is no order on our waitlist! Entries are chosen based on many factors such as: which artisan canceled, which categories are too full, uniqueness of product, etc.


  • What is the cancellation policy?
    Cancellations received prior to October 1st will be subject to a $20.00 cancellation fee. No refunds will be given after October 1st.



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